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The NED - City of London Opening early 2017

London-based Soho House & Co and New York’s Sydell Group have joined forces to create The Ned: a hotel, club and collection of restaurants in the City of London.
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The Ned can essentially be described as a hotel, club and restaurant that is situated on 27 Poultry Street, in the great City of London. The iconic design of the building is credited to non-other than Sir Edwin Ned Lutyens. It primarily consists of bedrooms that total 252 in number, 9 restaurants, several indoor swimming pools, a hamam, a spa, a gym and a rooftop area. Visitors to the Ned will have the privilege of accessing over 2,401 sq. meters of marvelously designed and furnished space. It will be truly unparalleled as its bedrooms have brass and mahogany furniture, richly patterned finishes and chandeliers. 

Groups & Events 
The Ned's six private hire rooms and two terraces are among the building's most elegant spaces, with all benefiting from natural light, and a dedicated reception area. Ideal for weddings, events and meetings, the rooms have a capacity of between 10 and 200 people.

Ned’s Club
Ned’s Club, available to members and hotel guests, offers a range of rooms and facilities. Ned’s Club Upstairs includes a rooftop, with spectacular 360-degree views across London, a pool, Canopy Bar & Restaurant, and Princes Street and Poultry Domes, which will host intimate bars. 

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Brass and mahogany furniture, chandeliers and richly patterned furnishings decorate The Ned's 252 bedrooms. Each room channels 1920s and 1930s design, with vintage pieces, hand-knotted Afghan rugs and rainforest showers.

SMALL BEDROOMS ARE COSY and emblematic of 1920s living, with floral wallpaper, wicker bedside tables and brass beds

MEDIUM BEDROOMS REFLECT MORE aspirational Edwardian tastes and each feature a matching set of Art Deco furniture.

LARGE BEDROOMS HAVE A collected look, with pieces that span decades of furniture design. They feature high ceilings, walnut panelling and grand four-poster beds hung with rich fabrics.

SUITES ARE DESIGNED TO reflect the building's heritage. This suite is the former chefs' quarters and is furnished with vintage pieces. It has its own bar and direct access to the roof.

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We monitor industry rates daily - We won’t be beaten on price!

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The Ned Hotel was formerly London’s iconic Midland Bank building. The hotel is basically named after the building’s architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens. Apparently his nickname was The Ned. The transformation plans are credited to Soho House and Sydell Group. 

What it has become today
The Ned today has become a hotel with excellent finishes and rooms characterized by vintage pieces. It has 1920s and 1930s inspired décor. Each and every room has rain forest showers, Afghan rugs that are hand-knotted and have vintage pieces. Its nine restaurants serve Japanese, American, Italian, British and French cuisine. It offers a hamam, gym, spa and event spaces. It has the Ned’s club that has the Vault Room lounge bar downstairs and a rooftop space characterized by a swimming pool, restaurants, a bar and a beautiful view of the city. It still has the original vault doors and wooden banking counters intact. Today, it has become a stunning building in every sense of the word. 

How it will be the venue to host clients for events and hotel to stay
The Ned will undoubtedly be the venue to host clients for events and hotel to stay for various reasons. Some of the main ones include the following:

i. The Ned has a rooftop area that will offer its esteemed clients with breath taking views of the great city of London. Ned’s Club Upstairs is characterized by a heated swimming pool with a terrace. In addition, it has 2 Dome bars, a Canopy Bar and Restaurant. This will be ideal for clients to have their leisure activities such as swimming, enjoying their favorite drinks and partaking delicious meals as they enjoy the view. This will indeed be a rare experience as most of the city’s bars and restaurants are at ground level. 
Dome bars and roof terraces – The Ned has 2 domes (located on either side of the hotel building) that are a perfect hideaway for clients who want to stay away from the city’s hassle. These are the Poultry Dome Bar and Terrace and Princess Street Dome Bar and Terrace. This ancient architecture design offers clients an exquisite yet classy appearance that is complimented with an exemplary interior design finish. These are unbeatable rooftop hideaways to ever grace London’s hotel and catering industry.

Canopy bar and restaurant – The Ned is definitely one of its kind in this day and age, its Canopy Bar and Restaurant has an unparalleled view with a sightline that runs all the way to Big Ben. This uniquely designed space features a retractable roof made of fine glass material and is inspired by Victorian conservatories. This is an excellent venue to host client for events and hotel as it offers them a restaurant with a view. A feature that a majority of restaurants in London do not have.

ii. The Ned also has a downstairs area that exposes its clients to a myriad of activities and facilities for their enjoyment. Ned’s Club downstairs is characterized by a lounge bar in the bank vault. Essentially the basement is situated in what is a former banking vault. The original engraved safety boxes made of stainless steel material have ben conserved. This therefore provides a priceless relic of a once prominent age. This is a suitable establishment for clients of the Ned to imbibe classic cocktails and partake mouthwatering delicacies from Cecconi’s Restaurant. 

Ned’s club active – The Ned has a state-of –the-art gym that is sufficiently equipped with both equipment and gym instructors to ensure that clients at the hotel are in excellent physical health. The ultra-modern gym has changing rooms made of marble material. It has top of the range strength and cardiovascular training equipment. In addition, it has studios for pilates and a boxing gym incorporated into it. It also has yoga and spinning especially for its clients who are of the feminine gender. 

Ned’s club relax – This is the ultimate spot for clients of the hotel to unwind after a busy day in the city of London. It comprises of a sauna, hamam, swimming pool and steam room. It has a beautiful Cowshed Spa that offers an array of spa treatments to both members and the public at large. However, clients have to be members to enjoy the services of Neville barbershop, The Powder Room and Cheeky nail parlor. It is the venue to host clients for both hotel and events as there are countable hotels with an underground swimming pool facility.

Hamam – As an exclusive addition to the Ned’s club relax, is the Hamam. These are primarily traditional Turkish baths. The Hamam can be defined as a unique blend of hygiene and culture. It has a deep piece of history at its center, a century old Italian fountain. It is constructed with gorgeous pink limestone from Devon. 

Cowshed spa – The Ned offers its valuable clients an exquisite spa that is inspired by the Original Cowshed Spa that was situated at Babington House in Somerset. This only goes to show the attention to detail that the designers had in this facility. All this is in an ambitious bid to offer clients a unique venue for events and hotel. The Cowshed Spa is an extra of Ned’s club relax and offers clients a variety of spa treatments. These combine the expertise of therapists at the spa with unique natural products available at the spa to offer clients the best results that they could ever wish for. To top it all off is the Cowshed relaxation lounge and shop. 

Membership to Ned’s club is free for any interested persons, all they have to do is to fill an application form available on their website. 

The Ned has employment opportunities for those whose forte is hospitality and are keen to join its team. 

The Ned is the ideal place for those who are seeking an array of grand, historic spaces in the heart of the great city of London. This is because nothing will beat its 6 hire rooms and 2 terraces that are illuminated by natural light and offer dedicated reception areas for clients. 

News written by Amarat Chagger (Amo), Digital Content Marketing Director