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Events Planners Can Learn from Video Game Streaming

Hybrid Events Can Learn From Gamers & Our Tech Team Can Help

600K, 500K and 100K are real numbers for attendees to recent live events that went on for hours during the pandemic lockdown.

And no, these are not stats for the thousands that flocked the beaches but rather these stats are numbers of those who tuned in worldwide to watch video game live streams.

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These astonishing numbers are an everyday number for thousands upon thousands of views worldwide within the gaming world, Guy Beahm (Dr Disrespect), Michael Grzesiek (Shroud) and Tyler Blevins (Ninja, was with Mixer back with Twitch) pulled in these numbers remotely in less than one day for only one live stream event.

Using the gaming events model you need 3 things: venue, technology and community. You need to maximize all in order to host a successful event. We can help you!

Got your head stuck in the clouds? With the Popular videoconferencing app Zoom has seen its revenues skyrocket as second-quarter 2020 profits more than doubled due to the coronavirus crisis. This spike in online virtual meetings and events isn't over, it's here to stay.

How do event planners achieve growth in attendees into 2021 and jump onto trends to see over 40% blowout earnings year after year herein?

event planner of the future

The numbers don't just end with viewers either, event planners can extend to money in many ways for example; exhibitors wire money during live streams to their viewers for sharing data which can range from tokens which can convert from tokenisation like cryptocurrency to fiat if the viewer wishes to cash out, or use the token to purchase goods and services during the stream. On the other hand a live mention of the viewer name from their said favourite streamer (speaker) or brand.

As the Covid-19 lockdown forced the cancellation of live events and closures of cinemas, people headed towards streaming platforms, from computers, mobile devices and tv streaming services for entertainment purposes. From March to April only, the live-streaming sector grew by 45%; a rise that's directly attributed to the pandemic and the behaviourism born from this will stay with us forever bleeding into our working lives and communication sentiment for corporates and events industry.

This Potential is not exclusive to video game streamers, they definitely populate streaming platforms like YouTube but are not the only ones live streaming there. It's time to adjust to the new situation and for that gaming streaming industry have a lot to share. Let's see what events industy can learn from them, because if people can invest in virtual entertainment, a similar appeal can be extended for more noble causes with hybrid events.

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