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Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
Are you moving overseas and need to apply for a visa?

We have one of the largest and most experienced visa and immigration practices in the business. We offer visa assessment consultations, visa pre-screening, visa documentation collection and application assistance, easy visa tracking and renewal, and compliant visa cancellation services. 

Let our global team of local specialists guide and assist you through the immigration process.

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Dedicated Visa Specialist Services

Immigration Made Easy Through Our Specialist Immigration Advice Services UK

Are you planning to visit, reside or extend your stay in the UK? Jigsaw Conferences offers you global visa and immigration advice services you are looking for. We offer our specialist services to individuals, family and business personnel planning to move overseas and need to apply for a visa. Our services also extend to those who reside in the UK and wish to apply for any kind of a visa. 

We have partnered with world class lawyers who are well conversant with the current UK immigration rules and specialists in all UK visa, nationality and asylum applications. The lawyers are accredited by the Home Office Department and the UK Boarder Agency and together we will take you through the application and decision making practice from start to end by offering necessary advice and practical guidance as well as professional representation in the whole process. 

Before applying for a visa, it is highly recommended that you seek immigration advice services from visa specialists who will give proper guidelines on which visa is best for you to avoid future inconveniences that may lead to your visa cancellation before your expected time. 

Various types of visas you can apply for? 

The following are some of the common visas applied for; work visas for those who wish to work and live in the UK, Family visas for those who wish to join their families in the UK, visitor visas for those wishing travel to the UK for business or pleasure, Study visas for those who wish to pursue their studies in the UK, Business visas for business people who wish to relocate or do business in the UK and working holiday visas for people planning to travel and work in the UK. We do a proper assessment for you and advice what’s the best visa for you.

When applying for a UK visa on your own, you are not guaranteed a successful outcome. You need to get a specialist lawyer for proper guidelines and help throughout the entire process. This exercise can be a real hustle if you never knew. We are committed to make things easy for you. To help you achieve your desired outcome, we make our immigration advice available and affordable at all times.

Who qualifies for a visa? 

This happens to be one of the common questions we’ve come across. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, our competent lawyers will inform you on the current requirements to be met by an applicant.

Are you a foreign citizen planning to visit UK either for pleasure, work, studies or even settle in UK? Or are you a British citizen planning to invite a non-European partner to join you in UK? It could be a friend, spouse, an employee or even a business partner. You need to walk with a specialist to offer immigration advice services for a successful mission. We have also been working with institution owners who regularly admit students from different parts of the world to help in visa application for the foreign students to obtain student visa. Our distinguished team of lawyers has gained reputation of successful visa applications. 

What happens when your UK visa expires?

Definitely, this leads to removal or detention of the said visa holder. It is the worst experience one can ever have in a foreign land. To avoid such inconveniences, you need to contact a competent immigration lawyer to offer you necessary immigration advice services and help you successfully to extend your stay in the UK. This is quite relieving. You will be able to continue with your business, work or study in UK without interruptions. 

Get immigration advice services on working or setting up business in the UK

Our professional immigration specialists are on board to advice, guide and represent individuals or groups working in the UK or planning to set up businesses in UK. Those planning to have migrant workers via UK work permit or visa are advised on how to successfully apply for sponsor licensing. 

Immigration advice services on transport system

Many transporters to the UK really struggle to get permit to the UK. We have come to their aid by guiding and assisting hauliers and carriers to meet the necessary UK legal obligations and other international transport services. We advice and help those in transport business know and meet the requirements to allow them get their way into the UK without restrictions. This has really promoted the transport business to higher heights. 

Have any UK visa related issues?

We have opened our arms to receive and offer immigration advice services to clients facing any visa or licensing issues that need attention. You will meet specialist immigration solicitors ready to listen to you and with their broad experience in this industry; they offer advice and guidance without leaving behind any single detail. 

Your help is just a call away

Feel free to call us for our dedicated immigration advice services. Someone will be assigned to listen to you and give proper advice on your case. You can also get in touch with us by simply filling the online form on our website and submit it. We shall get back to you on time and provide you with our visa specialist services and create a platform for you to get specialist immigration advice from UK based lawyers.

Same day visa service

Our highly skilled team of visa lawyers is working round the clock to help you get sorted in the shortest time possible. We guarantee a same day visa service for applications within the UK for instance the application for Indefinite Leave to Remain, 10 years long residence, switch and extend spouse and unmarried partner visa, Tier 4 student visa, Tier 2 work visa among others. The visa lawyers attending your case will see to it that the application is successful.

Let’s start the process now

For more detailed information about our immigration advice services, speak directly to our immigration specialists for any enquiries concerning immigration, nationality or asylum related issue. Whatever it is and no matter how complex it seems to be, let us hear from you and give it a professional touch. A successful solution to your application is guaranteed.