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We offer bespoke programs to suit large to SME's corporate policies at no extra cost.

Tomorrows Travel Management Programs Today FREE of charge!

We offer bespoke programs to suit large to SME’s corporate policies at no extra cost.

Bespoke technology driven travel management aligned with your policies at no extra cost.

Business warehousing analysis for expense claims at no extra cost.

Real support with no-fuss technology integration consultation at no extra cost.

We can offer unique bolt-on support services to your current corporate programs at no extra cost.

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Constantly active and developing accounts to keep you ahead...with the power to deliver!

As a specialist corporate travel & hotel booking agency we provide high quality services to our clients and the business traveler. Our experience, size and technology means we are large enough to manage the most demanding multi-national organizations but small enough to provide a personalised service, taking great care in the way we both look after our clients and their employee(s).

We monitor industry rates daily - We won’t be beaten on price!

Looking For Reliable Business Travel Agents UK? Make Jigsaw Conferences Your Preferred Choice!

Finding a reliable and trustworthy business travel agent UK has never been this simple. Jigsaw Conferences is your dedicated and highly experienced travel partner you can believe in. we take the hassle from you to meet all your travel needs any time, any day of the year.

Our bespoke programs are flexible enough to suit big to Small Medium Enterprises policies at no extra cost. We are one of the popular business travel agents UK big enough to meet the requirements of even the most complex multi-national organizations while at the same time small enough to offer ideal personalized services at all times.

Why should you waste your time and money going up and down, doing travel booking and cancellation, accommodation search and booking while we can do it for you by you just taking less than 60 seconds to talk to us?

Tell us something!

Which is your preferred travel means? It could be a train, flight or even land means. Let us also know about your destination. Details about where you are planning to visit in the course of your business trip. How many are you in number? Having such information will help us do perfect arrangements for you and your employees. We are able to find a good hotel in the proximity of your conference or meeting place. We are also able to find you a spacious and secure conference hall that will accommodate everybody in a way all of you can freely mingle, network and interact without any congestions. Our advanced capacity calculator helps us find a perfect room for the given number of people.

We listen to your requirements and take it from there. Our tailor made services are flexible enough to meet with your specific needs. We deliver what you need and we work within your budget to deliver ideal services that will make your travel a memorable event. We keep a close watch on you during your stay to ensure that everything is going on well. Feel free to contact our 24hrs support team any time you face a challenge and you are in need of our intervention. We are there for you.

What about our charges?

No competitor can beat us when it comes to business travel rates. Our big negotiation power enables us to get the best deals from all the major and minor airlines, rail or land transport providers. We make sure we get the cheapest deals for you to help you save money on your travel. You can use those dollars for other projects. 

Travel rates are not constant. They keep on changing depending on seasons. During peak seasons when there is high traffic, rates tend to be a bit high as compared to other seasons. This means you only need to make a little adjustment on your budget if you happen to travel during peak seasons. Don’t you get scared of this; there is still room for great negotiations for you.

We have an open negotiation ground to make the travel arrangements as affordable as we can. Never worry!

Why choose Jigsaw Conferences for all your travel needs?

We work as a team of highly dedicated travel professionals working round the clock to offer support and advice to all our customers at no extra cost.

Our ability to use the current technology trends to offer the most efficient and money saving solutions without being limited by the size of your business is our strength.

We have a free user friendly online booking portal that connects you to our bespoke staff control that you can log in, fill in your details, submit the form and a staff is assigned to work on your query right away.

We are your long-term travel agents, fully licensed and mandated to offer both global and local business travel services in UK. We have built a big network of customers worldwide and our happy clients have made us to be their regular business travel agents UK.

Customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of our business

We work hard to ensure that our customers as well as their employees are happy with our high quality professional services. By this, we have build a great reputation from our previous happy clients who always refer their friends to us any time they need travel arrangements done for them.

We never compromise of the quality of services we offer. This contributes a lot to our vast and recommendable growth as well as our popularity. 

It is never too late with jigsaw conferences

We offer a wonderful “Tomorrow Travel Management Program Today” for free! This means you can contact us to do a travel arrangement for tomorrow. We have big connections with travel partners who give us a top priority in our bookings due to our long sustained relationships. We are therefore able to open great doors to get access to quality services you could have struggled to access if you were doing it on your own.

Make us one of your preferred business travel agents UK today for the most adventurous and memorable travel experiences you have never had before. Visit our customer reviews and get to know what our contented clients say about us. If our value added services gave you the best experience, leave a review and tell others about us. In case of any query or question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Let’s strike a deal now

Contact our support team now by calling us or filling and submitting the form available on our website and leave the rest for us. We shall get in touch with you to keep you updated on the progress. Use our emergency number any time you are in an urgent situation that needs our immediate attention. We guarantee to deliver to your requirements as soon as we can. To avoid last minute hustle, we advise our clients to contact us well in advance so that we can have an ample time to source the best available travel and hotel offers available at our disposal. Still, if an urgent plan arises, we are also able to help and ensure that everything is in perfect order and on time.