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Face-to-face meetings still preferable in spite of lockdown

Business Travellers Prefer in Person Meetings

A survey done by Amex says 6 out of 10 business travellers said the majority of deals cannot be closed over the internet.

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The Covid-19 pandemic may have severely restricted global travel over the last six months, but business travellers remain convinced of the necessity for face-to-face meetings, consistent with our new survey.

Conducted as a part of a wider way forward for Business Travel report produced in partnership with travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender and American Express Global Business Travel, the survey polled 2,020 Business Traveller readers worldwide on their sentiments in reference to the pandemic.

More than three-quarters of respondents said that they believe face-to-face meetings for sales and pitching are preferable to remote working, while six out of ten business travellers said that the bulk of deals and decisions can't be made virtually. However, the bulk of readers (78 per cent) said they might not greet during a meeting.

Nearly 40 per cent of respondents expect to start out travelling again before the top of 2020, but quarantine remains a priority, with 91 per cent stating that they might be less likely to travel if they were required to quarantine in their destination.

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