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Free Emergency Accommodation Solution for Uninhabitable Homes

Housing and catastrophe mitigation should go hand in hand. Well, that is because every modern society faces a constant threat of disasters; and ours is no different. Whereas predicting and/or preventing the tragedies might prove challenging, we most certainly can minimize or eliminate human distress whenever the adversities occur. One way of doing that is by offering the management teams a niche solution completely free of charge, and that is precisely what Jigsaw Relocations – Social Housing Division Powered by Jigsaw Conferences Ltd does.

Our services have proven to be essential whenever emergency accommodation is needed in the sense that we partner with Housing Associations and provide their CAT with temporary accommodation whenever it is needed. And now, in the spirit of owning our future and repositioning the housing sector, we seek to expand our scope so that we can extend our free decant accommodation services to as many victims of catastrophes as possible.

We monitor industry rates daily - We won’t be beaten on price!

What We Offer

Jigsaw offers a unique service that no other supplier offers - free decant accommodation. In simpler terms, our social housing project enables us to provide emergency accommodation whenever catastrophic events like flood, fire, and others occur. Our forward-thinking housing solution not only avails accommodations for rescue teams but also simplifies invoicing and consolidates the leasing process thus ensuring that significant amounts of time, money and resources are saved.


Our highly trained Catastrophe Response Unit temporarily transfers people from the scene of a disaster to another place where alternative accommodation can be offered efficiently and comfortably. No matter how dire the situation is, we always alleviate it by ensuring that our relocation plan is rolled out immediately but in a warm and friendly manner. As a matter of fact, we have the capacity to respond to a catastrophe as soon as it is reported. On top of that, our services are always available 24/7 for 365 days a year.


We are always able and ready to respond to any situation whenever we are called upon. When we do, we exhibit the highest level of professionalism and expertise because we have an extensive network of lettings, fully serviced apartments and accommodation suppliers who are extremely reliable. That inspires confidence in our Catastrophe Response Units. Furthermore, it is what allows us to offer free bill back services to Housing Associations. Therefore, instead of going through the stress of relocating employees, Housing Associations can simply transfer the responsibility to us and we will handle it happily and in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


Actually, by using our vast network of resources, most Housing Associations usually save about 12/day GBP on an apartment or hotel and over 15,000 GBP annually due to reduced taxes and accommodation costs. Apart from the financial reprieve, our emergency accommodation services also enable the Housing Association to worry less about relocating its employees and instead focus on meeting tenants’ needs. That is because we have the capacity to offer the staff fully furnished accommodation facilities for over 30 days.


Benefits of Our Services


Cost savings

Our emergency accommodation packages allow the affected organisation to consolidate all the costs that arise from the activities of disaster-related employees. That makes it possible to reduce overhead costs like staff overtime and processing costs. Our knowledge of the housing sector also gives us an advantage as far as choosing the best accommodation facilities goes. For example, we always prefer to source for furnished apartments rather than hotel rooms because the latter option will attract hotel taxes, which in turn will make the relocation expensive. Finally, the fact that we have a vast and reliable network enables us to negotiate very reasonable and exclusive lease terms. We can get accommodation facilities at very affordable rates for 60 days or more.


Increased productivity

Our accommodation facilities offer a home-like environment that features large and comfortable living spaces. For that reason, employees are able to focus on solving tenants’ solutions rather than their own deplorable accommodation conditions.


Enhanced efficiency

Jigsaws’ emergency accommodation solution provides a central location where the disaster management team can converge and figure a way forward. Consequently, every member of the team will find it easy to track the location and the organisation will be able to streamline its activities while at the same time avoiding to lease term negotiations (like extensions and penalties). That leaves sufficient room for the thorough handling of the disaster situation.


Effective communication

The central location allows for simple and consolidated reporting. The fact that all the necessary staff members will be in that location means that there will be a reliable platform for sharing information, collecting data, brainstorming, and any other communication activity that should be conducted. They can even setup a fully functional communication centre within the temporary houses and thus facilitate easy flow of messages from one point to another. That contributes to the effective management of the situation.


Partner with us today


In light of the foregoing, Jigsaw is very pleased to invite you and your organisation into a partnership that will see us expand our scope. It is our wish to offer this unique service to as many housing organisations as possible because we believe that if we help their staff they will be able to relocate tenants as quickly as possible and thus minimize the non-material costs of disasters. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our emergency accommodation services and get access to our:


* Exclusive free bill back services that will help your organisation cut costs during the hard time.

* Comfortable and long term accommodation services for 24/7/365.

* Vast network that allows us to negotiate flexible leasing terms as well as the length of stay.

* Most convenient locations; including facilities that are very close to the affected area.


With huge changes in the housing and accommodation sector, Jigsaw is only glad that we are doing our best to ensure that we play our part in achieving The National Housing Federation's housing vision. You can be a part of this marvellous housing strategy by partnering with us and we will be your go-to partner whenever you need emergency relocation of your staff.


To learn more about how we can help settle your catastrophe response team in temporary accommodations please call 0845 0000 792 and our customer care agents will serve you with all the information that you need.

Written by: Amarat Singh (Amo)