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UK resorts: Tidal change towards Best Available Rate.

A fresh study HotStats, by hospitality intelligence company, identified that the value of reservations via Best Available Rate has grown since 2000 by more than 235% in resorts in the Areas.

The study, Benchmarking Beyond RevPAR, which polled a consistent sample of almost 45, 000 hotel rooms across the United Kingdom over 15 year period, shown that the increase in PUB reservations was at the expense of the 17.2% decrease in rooms sales derived from commercial connected sources throughout the same period. This tide shift towards PUB is critical as it implies the booking patterns are evolving from conventional channels, like locally negotiated corporate rates. And while commercial need traditionally represented a strong foundation of high producing company, which reserved well ahead of time with a pre agreed amount of quantity and high ancillary spend, on the other hand, demand reserved through PUB is explosive, has restricted warranties and shrinking lead times and is thus supplying hoteliers with major functional challenges.

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Pablo Alonso, HotStats Chief executive officer said of the results, That Is not to say that the quantity of commercial demand at resorts in the areas has definitively dropped, but it's extremely likely that alternate approaches are used for company bookings. Evidence indicates there's a definite migration to bookings via PUB in line with down shifts in the market in addition to being symptomatic of an increasing tendency towards reserving direct or via OTAs.

News article written by: Amarat Chagger (Amo) - Digital Marketing Director