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When Conferences Cause COVID-Scare

Conference and Events Post Covid

Since lockdown, 1000s of in-person conferences have been cancelled or postponed, and it keeps happening until government guidelines are updated.

But for now, the Events industry cannot prepare for a Twitch like gamers events sector until internet connections at a domestic level and computer hardware (price points) are far superior to what we have on offer today.

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However, most conferences and events worldwide have gone digital, others are postponing until a later date and planning to go back to business-as-usual for their next event. So, in less than 20 years we have had SARS, MERS and Covid-19 to mention a few. The Events industry has to reinvent itself and adapt to the current situation.



Remote is the default when we have a total lockdown, going forward hybrid conferences, events and meetings are a new solution and gamers event model is a possible events model to examine for event planners. Learning new skills which video game streamers have perfected gives us 3 main aspects to explore and import into hybrid events of all kinds. 

1. Audience engagement

If you had joined a live stream by popular streamers recently in the gaming niche you would have been among the 100000s of viewers. On average popular gamers known as influencers in the gaming industry online can have over 40 thousand people streaming and viewing concurrently, which are live concert-level numbers. High profile streamers can keep attracting massive crowds by engaging their audience in discussions to live with tips, recommendations and getting viewers to reciprocate with donations and community discussions that keep the momentum flying.

2. Bankable and entertaining content

Influencers make money streaming thanks to sponsorships and affiliations. Professional streamers can be found using agencies like ( People will be influenced by them by tuning into to watch them and even donate because they are entertaining performers and put on a great streaming show. This bankable turnover is lucrative for the streaming platform itself; and to keep those streamers exclusively on their platforms, Microsoft has signed million-dollar deals with popular streamers and influencers for exclusive streaming on its now Mixer platform.

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3. Integrate resources

Streamers know how to combine different types of resources to keep views coming with new content, even involve other streamers from different games. Event planners could get insights from a non-gamer prior to the event and use those metrics to keep content fresh as habits are changing.

Event Planners shouldn't bail out but use these fundamentals from the momentum offered by the game streaming model

Events and Conferences are going virtual (hybrid in nature), which is a positive change for delegates both on-site and streaming. Events and conferences won't ever be the same and venues need to be able to offer the tech stack as well as the understanding that event planners will require some audience and support as they build confidence in the new terrain they navigate. We at Jigsaw Conferences believe events and meeting won't go all out 100% virtual and therefore a hybrid model that will leverage the best of both worlds will be normal once advanced hardware (mobile devices, computers)  and 5G become normal. 

Jigsaw Conferences will be listening to event planners needs and with venues start building a community of inspiring event planner futurists in the hybrid events of all kinds. Mandy Kaur (Operational Director) Brainchild behind PharmaVenues says " We will be continually addressing dynamically this new terrain using an object-oriented decentralised model to interface the old age PowerPoints model."

She further continues 'the entire events ecosystem is trying to understand what events look like into 2021 and beyond, together with our clients and venue suppliers we are experimenting with live streams and therefore happy to share our tips and advice to all event organisers; because this industry has to reinvent itself in order to stay relevant under the current situation and future ahead.

Using the gaming events model you need 3 things: venue, technology and community. You need to maximize all in order to host a successful event. We can help you!