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“Blend both a live and an online virtual event. One event, two audiences”


If you need a way to effectually combine the live and virtual experience, then hybrid virtual events are it. Hybrid events offer an effective way for you to upsurge participation and significantly extend the reach of your live event through online events.

Using an online platform, our expert staff will be able to help you secure the perfect venue for you to capture your live event and stream it online to anyone else who wishes to watch and be involved in it. No longer will anyone who wishes to attend the event have to miss out if they are unable to physically attend for any reason.

Not only can a hybrid event connect the virtual audience with the live event in real-time, but it also enables presentations or speeches to be stored on a secure online platform of your choice to be accessed 24/7. Hybrid events really are a revolution in how to engage with audiences in the 21st century and we are here to source the venue to suit your requirements.

Hybrid events and meetings are becoming more widespread within the event industry. Hybrid events offer people in different types of industries a virtual experience. The way in which these events work is people can view the physical event over the web or even have conference meetings through third-party tools like Zoom. This allows companies that are based in different countries to communicate with other associates of their company who are unable to travel to Dubai, for example. 

Hybrid event solutions are especially beneficial in difficult financial times with travel restrictions, budget costs, and increasing pressure to produce positive returns on investment. A positive impact hybrid meetings and events have is it adds value and motivations for speakers as it will increase their exposure, networking, and sales opportunities.



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How Do Hybrid And Online Events Work?

Although it sounds very technical, the process behind hybrid events is quite simple; when you decide to deliver an event of this kind, you would first organise the live event as normal. The live material will be streamed online for remote delegates to view and online delegates can participate in any questions and answers or voting as they would if they were actually attending. Not only that, but delegates from both audiences will be able to network with each other as they would in a traditional event. 

Of course, for many, this is the scorching question. Hybrid events are a real break-through in event management and represent perhaps the most pioneering way to run a wide range of events such as conferences, exhibitions, product launches, open days, careers fairs and recruitment days.

They give you access to a far greater audience through online events, making your event more noticeable than it would otherwise be. Using the hybrid model opens your event to anyone who wishes to get involved with it anywhere in the ecosphere, and thus greatly helps build brand scope, responsiveness, and rendezvous. Hybrid events are also a very cost-effective way to reduce travel associated with an event, and help organisations and individuals meet environmental responsibilities.

Hybrid Meetings How-To-Guide by Meetings Professionals International